Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a short-term, goal oriented therapy that focuses on the present. Together, the client and the therapist, examine one’s thoughts and beliefs in relation to day-to-day behaviour. We investigate how those beliefs and thoughts might have arisen from one’s past, how they are affecting the present, and how they can impact future. In order to achieve set goals, we work on challenging negative thought patters and use behavioural exercises to facilitate this change. 

At the start of the therapy we will set goals for your treatment. The goals will be (if necessary, broken down into) tangible goals. These will be continually evaluated throughout the therapy programme, in order to ensure that the therapy is progressing in a satisfactory fashion. Goals may also change throughout the sessions, or new ones may emerge. CBT albeit a very structured therapy module, also allows for flexibility afforded to each individual unique needs.

Homework is an important part of CBT. You will be given homework to do in-between sessions: it will range from writing exercises and behavioural exercises. All these will be discussed with you beforehand. Homework is designed to teach you cognitive and behavioural skills necessary to reach your goals.

By examining the thought process through in-session discussion and outside-session homework, we will be able to flush out the negative thoughts that are contributing to the issue/s you are experiencing, will be able to change the maladaptive thoughts into adaptive thoughts, thereby changing how you feel and how you act.

Sessions last 50 minutes and have to be scheduled in advance either by phone or email.

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